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Why CeraKote ?

 Cerakote…great stuff! A mixture of ceramic powder, some type of carrier and extremely fine metal powder. No VOC’s. (Volatile Organic Compounds) Mixed with a second compound, sprayed onto whatever and baked at relatively low temps and Voila!, a very thin, flexible and hard coating.


 WAISTBAND CARRY:  pistol slides for inside the waistband carry. The slides get rusty after prolonged contact with skin, Cerakoted slides don’t rust.  

 PERSONALIZE; The number of colors available is amazing. We can create any color(s) for your firearm 

 OTHER:  hammer, knife, key, bottle opener, or anything else that can be baked is a candidate for Cerakoting. 

RUSS HAMILTON of Action Gusmithing is the only factory certified Cerakote applicator in 4 counties (Nevada, Placer, Seirra, Butte).  Cerakoting your firearm will make it virtually rustproof along with the fact that you can customize the appearance to be any color/shade or combination of colors and graphics you wish.